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Energy Cost Calculator

The calculator estimates expenses for production of 1 kWh heat energy from boilers using different fuel types.  Typical input information for typical boilers is presented to facilitate initial estimations, if no relevant project information is available at this stage of the development.  These initial input data should be replaced with more specific project information upon its availability.


fuel cost   efficiency   caloricity   price kWh   price ton   price 1000 nm3  
Power-generating coal 0.1574 MXN/kWh GJ/t     MXN/t    
Electric power 0.1919 MXN/kWh     MXN/kWh        
Heavy fuel oil 0.3636 MXN/kWh GJ/t     MXN/t    
Natural gas 0.2426 MXN/kWh GJ/t         MXN/1000nm3
Peat (pellets) 0.0853 MXN/kWh GJ/t     MXN/t    
Light fuel oil 0.4322 MXN/kWh GJ/t     MXN/t    
Liquid propane gas 0.0000 MXN/kWh GJ/t         MXN/1000nm3