International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

International Financial Institutions (IFIs) have been established (or chartered) by more than one country and are subjects of international law. Their owners or shareholders are generally national governments, although other international institutions and other organizations can be shareholders.

IFIs can provide direct debt financing (for big projects), equity contribution, and credit lines to commercial banks servicing as intermediaries for on-lending to project sponsors (for small and medium projects) called also as credit line facilities.  IFIs can also offer other financial instruments such as loan guarantees, mezzanine financing, and other.

IFIs can provide technical assistance for project preparation and implementation.

Below are links to IFIs actively working in Mexico:

List of IFIs

Organisation Name Website Address Organisation Location
Inter-American Development Bank Washington, D.C., USA
Inter-American Development Bank: Mexico Mexico
International Finance Corporation Washington, DC, USA
International Finance Corporation: Mexico (IFC) Mexico
International Monetary Fund Washington, D.C., USA
International Trade Centre Geneva, Switzerland
United Nations Development Programme New York, USA
United Nations Development Programme: Mexico Mexico
US Agency for International Development Washington, DC, USA
US Agency for International Development: Mexico Mexico
World Bank Washington, D.C., USA
World Bank: Mexico Mexico