Governmental Agencies

The Federal Executive Power is deposited with the President of the Mexican United States. The President has broad powers, including the ability to appoint the members of his Cabinet, enact the laws passed by the legislature and exercise the Supreme command of the Mexican Armed Forces. This power also includes the 18 ministries of the country.

The Mexican Government has numerous governmental agencies related to energy efficiency and technologies. SENER, the Ministry of Energy, is one of the most important institutions on the subject. Its mission and vision on energy in Mexico concluded that the country was in the process of adopting more efficient technologies to reduce dependency on non-renewable resources. 


List of Governmental Agencies

Organisation Name Website Address Organisation Location
Federal Commission of Electricity Mexico, D.F., Mexico
Mexican Institute of Petroleum Mexico, D.F., Mexico
Mexican Petroleums Mexico, D.F., Mexico
Ministry of Energy Mexico, D.F., Mexico
Nacional Financial, Bank of Development Mexico, D.F., Mexico
Secretary of Agriculture Mexico, D.F., Mexico
Social Development Secretariat Mexico, D.F., Mexico